2 Year Old’s – “The Terrific Two’s”
Room 206 – Miss Kathleen & Miss Bonnie

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About Our Teachers:

Miss Kathleen Keefer
Miss Bonnie Valentine
Teacher’s Assistant
Miss Kathleen is married and has 3 daughters. She loves being with kids and seeing them grown and learn! She considers sharing the love of Jesus alongside Miss Bonnie to be a privilege and a blessing.

Funny Teaching Story:

A sweet story of a tender heart.. One day a boy in class noticed I had on a bandaid. After explaining I hurt my finger, I showed him the picture. It was a “Hilltop” bandaid with a picture of Jesus and a lamb. He carefully studied the picture, then quickly kissed it!

When not at Hilltop, you can find Miss Kathleen…

Miss Kathleen enjoys knitting and exercising as well as bike riding with her family. 

Bonnie has been married to her husband “Woody” for 48 years and they have two children: Ryan who is married to Allyson & Amanda who is married to Raphael.  She is blessed to have two grandchildren: Aidan, the son of Amanda and Raphael & Margaret, the daughter of Ryan and Allyson.  They are eagerly awaiting the birth of another grandson in January! Bonnie has been teaching professionally since 1990 when she graduated from HACC with a degree in Early Childhood and has been blessed to serve at Hilltop for the last 15 years.  She attends Word of Life Chapel, where she serves in the nursery & helps teach Awana Clubs.

Funny teaching story:

“There have been many but my favorite from this year involves one of my twos who relayed to his mommy that Miss Kathleen & I were “nice girls”.  At my age I was more than tickled to be called a “girl” for any reason!

When she’s not at Hilltop, you can find Miss Bonnie….

  • Caring for her grandchildren
  • Caring for her parents
  • Reading
  • Cooking