3 Year Old’s 

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Miss Crystal & Miss Monica Miss Amanda & Miss Amy Miss Danielle & Miss Judy

Room 103 – Miss Crystal & Miss Monica

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About Our Teachers:

Miss Crystal Ruth
Miss Monica Kalmbacher
Teacher’s Assistant
Miss Crystal grew up in the Hershey area (having attended Hilltop), graduated from Messiah College, and has been married to her husband, Jon (who also attended Hilltop), for 11 years. She taught for 6 years prior to their first daughter being born. They have two daughters, Emilie and Katelyn. They live in Hummelstown and have attended Hershey Free Church for nearly 35 years. This is her first year teaching at Hilltop, although she experienced Hilltop over the past several years with both of her children attending. Miss Crystal is excited to be teaching 4 year olds at Hilltop!

When she’s not at Hilltop, you can find Miss Crystal….
Crystal enjoys being a mommy to her two little girls, running, walking, biking, and being outdoors.

Miss Monica grew up in the Pittsburgh area and loves the Steelers!  She attended Messiah College, majoring in Family Studies, when she met her husband of 26 years, Chris.  They have three beautiful children, Kate, Emma, and Eli who all attended Hilltop and loved it.  They have been Houseparents at Milton Hershey School for 13 years and currently work in the Elementary Division (Pre-K to 4th grade students).  They attend Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church as a family and their teenage girls are also a part of the youth group at Hershey Free.

Funny teaching story:

“As you know, kids are so literal!  We were working with one of our students with speech therapy and her teacher was showing her a demonstration with a fake set of teeth as to where to put her tongue with she says the “r” sound.  The teacher asked her to put her tongue where she showed her and instead of doing it in her own mouth, she actually licked the set of teeth that she was holding!!  We laughed so hard, and the teacher said that was the first time in 20 years that a child took this instruction so literal! “

When she’s not at Hilltop, you can find Miss Monica….

Monica enjoys spending time with her family, playing games on Facebook – including getting crushed in Words With Friends by Becky all the time.  She likes watching crazy reality shows with her middle daughter.  If you asked her kids what she does in her free time, they would say napping or drinking Pepsi.  Monica also collects Disney memorabilia and longs for the next trip!  She says that even her 16 year old is obsessed.  

Room 105 – Miss Amanda & Miss Amy

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About Our Teachers:

Miss Amanda
Miss Amy Bomgardner
Teacher’s Assistant

Miss Amanda and her husband Don met while they were students at Messiah College, and have been married for 14 years. They have two children Maddie a graduate of Hilltop, and Andrew  is currently attending Hilltop. The Spidells live in Hummelstown and attend Hershey Free Church.

When she’s not at Hilltop, you can find Miss Amanda… Enjoying time with family and friends, drinking coffee, or exercising.

Miss Amy and her husband Jay have been married for 17 years. They have two children Megan and Owen, both of which attended Hilltop. They live in the Lower Dauphin School District and attend Conewago Church of the Brethren where they are involved in various activities.

When not at Hilltop you can find Miss Amy…
spending time with her family be it at the local fair showing their dairy cattle, helping on the farm or at their cabin in the mountains. Miss Amy also enjoys reading and gardening.

Room 106 – Miss Danielle & Miss Judy

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About Our Teachers:

Miss Danielle Klopp
Miss Judy Kostoff
Teacher’s Assistant
Miss Danielle has been married to her husband, Greg for 15 years.  They have three children, Ella, Noah and Isaiah.  All of their children are in the Lower Dauphin School District.  They have a golden retriever named Bailey.  They live in Hummelstown and attend Susquehanna Valley Evangelical Free Church.

Funny Teaching Story:

“After cleaning up the muscle room, the kids were all lined up.  I counted the kids and came up one short.  After looking around the room, I found a little one hiding in the tube slide.  Always count before going back to class because no one likes leaving the muscle room.

When she’s not at Hilltop, you can find Miss Danielle….

Danielle enjoys canning / freezing fruits & veggies.  She loves spending time with her family and teaching cubbies at her church Awana Program.   
Miss Judy has been working at Hilltop since 1996.  She’s married been married to her husband, George for 41 years.  They have 2 sons, 1 daughter & 2 grandsons. 

When not at Hilltop, you can find Miss Judy…

Spending time with family, especially her two grandsons.  She also enjoys reading & cooking.