Hilltop Christian Nursery School
to support Haiti with relief for devastation from Hurricane Matthew

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ECCA started with 17 children in 2007 and today there are 210 students enrolled, with many more longing to attend.

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake ravaged Haiti, leaving the poverty stricken nation in shambles. In addition to the devastating loss of life, more than 5,000 schools were destroyed, including ECCA (Ecole Chretenne du Centre de L’Agneu — Center of the Lamb Christian School.) Students were left without a place to learn, but through the heroic efforts of the founders, a “temporary” location was secured. Nearly six years later, more than 200 students still gather in cramped and woefully inadequate conditions, in close proximity to the
long-term Reach Global efforts.

Haiti’s educational system was teetering on the edge of breakdown before the earthquake hit in 2010. With the physical structures having been destroyed, the Minister of Education, Joel Jean-Pierre, stated that the education system had “totally collapsed”. It is imperative that these facilities be rebuilt in an effort inspire hope and to ensure that the next generation will receive an adequate education.

The school’s motto, “Educate to Serve” resonates with the core values of Hilltop.

ECCA’s Co-Founder, Pastor Duckenson Laguerre, explains: “In spite of our building being destroyed after the earthquake, the parents sent their children to our school. When we asked them why they chose ECCA, they said: ‘Because you inspire in us faith, hope and a future for our children.’” The vision and philosophy of ECCA are founded on Biblical principles. The mission is to prepare students to serve God and people. Classes begin every morning with chapel — including devotions, worship and prayer.

Currently, ECCA conducts classes in very cramped, makeshift shelters comprised of tin, sticks and limited amounts of plywood. Sounds travel easily from one class to the next, yet the thirst for a good education compels them to endure, despite the challenges.


Hilltop Christian Nursery School will work with existing and additional partners to construct a school comprised of ten classrooms (see Facility Features). ECCA is in dire need of a better facility that is both earthquake- and hurricane-resistant and provides a safe environment for their 200+ children to learn and to be educated to serve.


  • One block (59 x 23 ft) with 3 Kindergarten/Preschool classrooms
  • One block (59 x 23 ft) with 3 Primary School classrooms
  • One block (92 x 20 ft) with 3 more classrooms, plus office, library and multi-purpose room
  • Latrine block
  • A well for drinking water
  • Perimeter chain link fence and front gate
  • Each classroom will have windows with metal bars and mesh protection allowing ventilation and light.
  • Each classroom will have one steel door and locks for security
  • Electrical installation

Overall ECCA Budget: $210,500
Phase I – Purchase Land: $43,000

Phase II (in progress):

  • 3 classrooms
  • Well for drinking water
  • Perimeter fence for safety & security


We all know that clean, quiet, safe, comfortable, and healthy environments are an important component of successful teaching and learning. Plus, studies show a relationship between the physical learning environment and student behavior. Broken Window Theory states that physical disorder, such as broken windows, run-down buildings, etc. can lead to bad behavior and disorderly conduct. School facilities that are not in great condition can be the cause of poor student behavior and conduct in the classroom. Facilities also have the power to weaken or improve the teaching and learning environment. Higher scholastic achievement has been associated with the design and condition of school facilities. There is more to learning than just curriculum!


  • Improved facilities will enhance the learning environment and capacity of students.
  • Adequate educational infrastructure brings credibility and will attract and retain children and teachers.
  • Pride and self-esteem among teachers and community participants as they see the completion of their goals.
  • Participants will learn the value of collaboration and service unto others.
  • Opportunity to increase capacity by maximizing facility usage to include afternoon occupancy by secondary school



Hilltop is committed to raising $39,000 for the kindergarten/preschool building.


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