Who We Are 

Since 1979, Hilltop Christian Nursery School, a ministry of the Hershey Free Church, has been welcoming children to learn, to have fun, and to grow in their knowledge of Jesus. We invite your family to join the Hilltop family as we work together to create a learning environment tailored to the age and developmental stages of our students. We believe a child is a total person, designed by God to be well-rounded and maturing in every dimension.

We believe that the experience of each child should be consistent with his or her individual stage of development and, therefore, learning should be achieved in a way that is comfortable and natural for him or her. This can be reinforced with Godly principles through daily experiences.

Hilltop Christian Nursery School serves children ages 3, 4, and 5 years of age.  Children should reach the classroom age as of October 1st of the admission year.  Proper immunizations and a physician’s report are required prior to enrollment.


Miss Rebecca “Becky” Chocklette
School Director 

Becky has been at Hilltop since 2000. She was an aide first, then a teacher of 3 & 4 year olds, and became the Director in 2004. She graduated from Liberty University with a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership. It has been a true joy for Becky to be able to serve at Hilltop. She’s not sure what her life would be like without it.

Funny teaching story:
“There are SO many!! One year, we sent home a note about a snow make-up day and one little guy pulled it out of his book bag and asked his mom what it said. She said, “It’s about the make-up day at school.” He started to cry and said, “I am NOT wearing make-up to school!”

When she’s not at Hilltop, you can find Becky…
Most of her time is spent with Hilltop friends, people she’s met though the years, or preparing for upcoming events at Hilltop. She also loves to read, and she’s always ready to give good book recommendations! You might also find her enjoying ice cream at one of the many creameries in the state.