For Parents

Mitigation Strategies 

During the 2020-2021 school year, Hilltop created a comprehensive Safety Plan that addressed many changes in our “regular” programming. We’ve seen some of these strategies revised over the last 24 months. Please note that this is our plan as of June 30, 2022.  Current Mitigation Strategies 


We know your child’s health is very important to you. It is important to us here at Hilltop, too. That is why we want to make sure that your child gets all the immunizations doctors recommend to prevent childhood illnesses. Please visit the CDC website at for more information regarding current recommended immunizations for children from birth to eighteen years of age. To help us prevent illness at Hilltop, we need to know that all of the children that are enrolled here get the immunizations they need.

Background Clearances

Please be aware that several new child protection laws were passed in Pennsylvania recently. One of the newly enacted key requirements adds another layer of protection through more stringent background checks for volunteers who minister to children or students under the age of 18. Per Hilltop’s Safety Plan, no parent volunteers are currently allowed to help in the classrooms; however, that may change throughout the school year. To be proactive for when that change may occur, we suggest you completed the necessary paperwork for your background clearances now. If you expect to volunteer in your child’s classroom in this way, such a book sharing, helping with parties, or assisting on special days, you are required to have three background clearances. You will not be allowed to volunteer in your child’s classroom without the three clearances. Please also be aware that obtaining all of these clearances will be at your own expense.

School Closings 

If the school needs to close for weather or any other reason, all parents will get an email and you can also check the website or our Facebook page. 

2022-2023 School Year Event Calendars